International Energy Week 2024 Conference Programme

International Energy Week 2024 Conference Programme

Tuesday 27 February 2024
08:00 - 13:30

InterContinental London Park Lane and online

Registration and networking
08:00 GMT

Welcome from the EI
09:00 GMT

Welcome from the chair
09:10 GMT

The importance of policy to decarbonise the global energy system
09:15 GMT

Responding to the first global stocktake and closing the gaps to 2030
09:30 GMT

• Reflections on the first UN Global Stocktake and COP 28 outcomes
• What lessons have we learned – Conflicts? Covid? Inflation?
• What action is required to keep under 1.5°c?
• The Global Methane Pledge - Are we on track in reducing global emission by at least 30% from 2020 levels by 2030?
• How will the Inflation Reduction Act and CBAM drive global climate action?

  • Professor Jim Skea CBE FRSE FEI HonFSE, Chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Executive Director, Low Carbon Solutions and International Growth, ADNOC

Accelerating the energy transition: a realistic and desirable path?
10:15 GMT

  • Catherine MacGregor, Chief Executive Officer, Engie

10:35 GMT

How do we balance the triple crisis of supply, price, and climate?
10:55 GMT

• Building country resilience to respond to climate change and future disruptions in energy supply
• Commonalities and differences between developed and developing countries pathways
• Options for policy change and reform to support countries during volatile energy transition
• What collaborative models can more quickly mobilise resources for developing countries

  • Grahame Buss, Just Stop Oil

The global energy situation and outlook
11:40 GMT

• Shedding light on a year’s energy production, consumption, trade, and emissions
• Global market insights this decade and trends and uncertainties beyond
• Phasing down fossil fuels and accelerating renewables and nuclear energy

12:20 GMT

  • Catherine MacGregor, Chief Executive Officer, Engie

Shifting demand to accelerate the energy transition
12:40 GMT

• Working with customers to rapidly build low carbon markets
• How to accelerate hard to abate and non-hard to abate sectors
• How to move first movers to second movers and beyond
• What we need from industry and government partnerships

  • Katja Wodjereck, Executive Vice President - Renewable Products, Neste
  • Freya Burton, Chief Sustainability Officer, LanzaTech
  • Fabian Ziegler, CEO, DCC Energy
  • Jennifer Jordan-Saifi, CEO, Sustainable Market Initiatives

Summary from the chair
13:25 GMT

13:30 GMT

Tuesday 27 February 2024
14:30 - 17:50

InterContinental London Park Lane and online

Welcome from the chair
14:30 GMT

Transforming climate finance action
14:35 GMT

Sustainable markets and shareholder returns
14:55 GMT

• How can bankers, investors, and CFOs drive financial innovation to scale up of sustainability?
• How can sustainable finance help emerging markets and developing economies to grow clean energy?
• How are ESG and climate reporting regulations impacting finance sector approach to energy
• What risk management approaches are available to help to manage climate crisis uncertainties
• Connecting short-term with long-term benefits

  • Kirsty Hamilton OBE, Chatham House

15:40 GMT

Commodities for the energy transition: key trends and opportunities
16:00 GMT

  • Russell Hardy, CEO, Vitol

How do Earth’s energy resources contribute to net zero by 2050?
16:20 GMT

• Earth resources for a sustainable world. How do we minimise emissions?
• How do we responsibly produce natural resources like hydrocarbons and minerals?
• Greener Earth resources: are markets and consumers ready to pay more?
• Are we heading towards an era of commodities super-cycles in metals and minerals

Carbon credits and markets booming
17:00 GMT

• A snapshot of carbon pricing mechanisms and carbon markets globally
• What role do governments play and which are the compliance market best practices?
• Article 6 prospects: how do we urgently increase carbon trading between countries?
• How to create trust in voluntary carbon markets, and verify real emissions reductions

  • Catherine Chen, Founder and CEO, AvantFaire

Summary from chair
17:40 GMT

Highlights and insight from Day 1
17:45 GMT

End of Day 1
17:50 GMT

Wednesday 28 February 2024
08:00 - 13:10

InterContinental London Park Lane and online

Registration and networking
08:00 GMT

Welcome from the chair
09:00 GMT

Putting people, lives, and livelihoods at the heart of climate action
09:05 GMT

Creating a ‘just transition’ so that no one is left behind
09:25 GMT

• A global view and perspective on a just transition and ending energy poverty
• What might a just transition look like in different regions and who is responsible?
• Creating a transition rooted in human rights and equality
• Which policies address environmental, economic, and social sustainability together?

  • Marcene Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Climate Change, WWF
  • Damilola Ogunbiyi HonFEI, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All and Co-Chair of UN-Energy
  • Ana Paula De Souza, Human Rights Officer, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

10:10 GMT

Energy system options to lower the cost of living
10:30 GMT

• How to access more affordable imported energy
• Securing reliable domestic energy supply
• Circular economy benefits for the energy transition
• How can consumers contribute to decarbonisation?

  • Dame Julia King HonFEI, Baroness Brown of Cambridge
  • Sam Fankhauser, Oxford Net Zero Research Director and Professor of Climate Economics and Policy
  • Dame Clare Moriarty, Chief Executive, Citizens Advice

Transforming education and skills to achieve climate ambitions
11:15 GMT

Powering up energy transition skills
11:35 GMT

• Anticipating skills and expertise requirements for the energy transition
• Tackling skill shortages through education and training
• Attracting and retaining talent in the energy sector
• Building digital capabilities to meet net zero goals

  • Beverley Gower-Jones OBE FEI, Managing Partner, Clean Growth Fund
  • Hannah Mary Goodlad, Head of Portfollio and Strategy Asia Pacific, Renewables, Equinor

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in energy
12:20 GMT

• What actions are needed for companies to increase diversity?
• Showcasing role models from the industry to our future generation
• Addressing the different intersectional challenges and barriers
• How to ensure people are engaged and given opportunity to participate

Summary from the chair
13:05 GMT

13:10 GMT

Wednesday 28 February 2024
14:10 - 18:00

InterContinental London Park Lane and online

Welcome from the chair
14:10 GMT

The prospects of natural gas development in an energy transition
14:15 GMT

Is natural gas a critical transition or destination low carbon fuel?
14:35 GMT

• Challenges and opportunities for low carbon gas development
• Reducing methane emissions from the energy sector – What more needs to be done?
• How growing global LNG exports can help to reduce power and industry emissions
• How can natural gas decarbonisation act as a bridge to low carbon hydrogen?
• Regional developments in sustainable biogas and biomethane value chains

  • Nathalie Oosterlinck, Executive Officer, Global Head Renewables Business, JERA

How technology is shaping the energy transition
15:20 GMT

15:40 GMT

Technology advances shaping the energy transitionn
16:00 GMT

• Nuclear resurgence from small modular reactors (SMR) to fusion energy
• Low carbon hydrogen and the clean economy future
• Carbon dioxide removal/capture and storage critical solutions to achieve net zero
• Clean synthetic fuels - untapped options for clean hydrogen

  • Moderator: Kirsty Gogan FEI, Founding Director and Co-CEO, Terra Praxis
  • Dr Bashir Dabbousi, Director, Technology Strategy & Planning, Aramco

How is artificial intelligence (AI) reshaping energy?
16:40 GMT

• Outlooks for AI to optimise and enable energy systems
• How can AI help us better understand and respond to consumers?
• The ethical responsibility of AI in its implementation

Delivering energy efficiency to reduce energy demand
17:10 GMT

• Jevon’s Paradox: does energy efficiency reduce or increase energy demand?
• The role of the private sector in stimulating energy efficiency investment
• What regulatory frameworks are needed for energy demand reduction?
• Behavioural incentives to optimise energy use by consumers

Summary from the chair
17:50 GMT

Highlights and insights from Day 2
17:55 GMT

End of conference
18:00 GMT

Thursday 29 February 2024
08:00 - 12:15

InterContinental London Park Lane and online

Registration and networking
08:00 GMT

Welcome from the chair
09:00 GMT

The role of renewable energy, hydrocarbons and nuclear in power
09:05 GMT

Shaping the future of electricity
09:25 GMT

• Reflections on energy price caps and future wholesale pricing for electricity
• How do we expect the Future System Operator (FSO) to model supply and demand
• New approaches to identify long-term, flexible, and interregional solutions
• Opportunities and challenges for powering heating and cooling

10:10 GMT

Deploying and generating electricity at the right time and place
10:30 GMT

• Forecasting electrical demand and how to unlock flexibility in response
• Capacity markets – what can we expect at the next auction and how to improve?
• How can smart grids handle the increased demand for distributed energy?
• Stabilising fluctuations in energy demand and supply with energy storage

  • Claire Dykta, Head of Markets, ESO

Embracing e-mobility and accelerating infrastructure
11:15 GMT

• Exploring global EV statistics, developments and projections
• Insights into gigafactories - where does industry stand and how best to compete?
• The vision and action plan for creating electric vehicle charging infrastructure
• The concept of battery swapping – is it the future?

Summary from the chair
12:00 GMT

Highlights and Insights from International Energy Week 2024
12:05 GMT

12:15 GMT

Thursday 29 February 2024
18:45 - 00:00

The Grosvenor House London

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